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 Late Fall 2012  
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TRAVEL SPOTLIGHT                                                                                           


"By Inspiration Only"...PURE Life Experiences     



We're always on the go... seeking out cool, new travel experiences for you, not just in Africa, but all over the world! Aside from almost constant travel to check out special places and guides first hand, we also attend exclusive travel industry events like PURE LIFE EXPERIENCES. 


This week, Priscilla is at PURE in Morocco to: 

  • Connect with the best of the experiential travel industry   
  • Offer you recommendations for your next off the beaten path trip!   
  • Discover new authentic adventures in exciting destinations around the world to share with you 
  • Add new & unique experiences to our existing portfolio of special places in Africa, Ecuador and Peru   

Contact us about your next adventure travel trip...whatever region in the world. We have great ideas and contacts for you!     


Make sure to follow our Facebook page. Throughout this month we will be featuring cool new travel ideas for all around the world in 2013. Get inspired!   


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SOJOURNERS' TRAVELER EXPERIENCES                                                                


Congratulations Haile & Jenn!    

Rather than choose to sit on a beach somewhere sipping margaritas, Global Sojourns' clients Haile and Jenn decided to spend their Honeymoon trekking to Machu Picchu... but not on the traditional and crowded Inca Trail.  
Instead we arranged for this on-the-go couple to hike the Salkantay Trail, a wonderful alternative for those looking to avoid the crowds and have an active adventure! 

Wishing you a marriage full of many wonderful adventures! 
TRAVEL TIPS                                                                                                     

3 Tips to Make Your Long Haul Flights More Comfortable

Believe it or not, it's possible! Here are three tips to make your long haul flight more comfortable:

1. Get a great seat (we vote for aisle seats, far forward)
2. Bring an inflatable neck pillow
3. Make sure you have wax earplugs and noise reduction headphones

Read more about why we recommend these three things on our blog 

RESPONSIBLE SOJOURNER                                                                                 

Getting Hands On at Eziko Cooking School  

Priscilla and several Global Sojourns clients recently experienced a cooking class at the Eziko Cooking School in Langa (Cape Town).     

Our client, Karen Johnson, put it best:  

"Having an authentic experience of cooking and eating traditional foods was one of my favorite activities of the trip...
Long live samp and beans!"


Read more about this special day on our blog.    


UPCOMING TRIPS                                                                                                

Demand for the out of the way places we love to visit is high, so make sure to book early!

For customized trips, contact us directly. To learn more abut our small group trips, visit our website to check out your next adventure!
Indigo Bay - Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique
PRODUCTS WE LOVE                                                                                         

Barefoot Shoes by Merrill 

A "must have" according to Priscilla! Featherlight, these shoes are perfect for walking in a city, going on a run, or heading out on safari. Easily stored and with lots of different styles to choose from, everyone should travel with a pair!
  • super light and flexible
  • smushes down for packing   
  • variety of styles for men, women and children   
  • technical design for both comfort and utility 
  • washable 
  • great for running, trekking, walking and water sports 

Learn more and find your perfect fit here. We love these shoes!  



The Global Sojourn Giving Circle's First "Believe in Girls Summit"   
What do you get when GSGC partners who are working to empower girls in sub-Saharan Africa and members of the GSGC come together for a day and a half? A whole lot of inspiration, motivation, and information, not to mention a room full of new friends!

Read all about this special event on our blog and see what Global Sojourns is doing to help girls in Southern Africa!


JUST FOR FUN                                                                                                    


Did you know? 


Singapore Airlines Flight 21 currently holds the record for being the longest regularly scheduled non-stop flight in the world. It flies from Newark Liberty International Airport to Singapore Changi Airport, covering 9,534 miles (15,343 km) miles in about 18.5 hours flight time.   


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